Blood and Bolts


Ben from Blood and Bolts repping a 6’8 single fin I shaped not too long ago. Wide point forward, flat to vee out the tail, and toss in some nice down rails. It’s always awesome to see other people stoked off my work!

Check Ben’s work out here >>>

Photo Credit goes to Monica Semergiu >>>

5’8 Keel Fin

Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 2.03.22 PM

Here is a great example of my Twin Keel design. The wide tail block and full foil allow this board to work in waves knee to head high. The template on this particular shape is more suited for a shortboard transplant. The wide point has been moved back from the traditional Steve Lis fish design to allow for more back footed surfing. I don’t blow my knees out turning often, but when I do I’m surfing my fish. At 5’8 with twin glass on keels, this little temptress is fast, loose, and ready to smooth out your surfing. Seriously, buy one already.