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Lots of new boards being shaped recently, heres a personal singlefin I made for nice groomed fall swells.


Sorry for the awful job I’ve been doing keeping up with posting fresh content!


S u m m e r // S h o w i n g

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Summer has arrived back home, which if you ask me, is a perfect time to order a summer board and to start thinking about your winter step-up….

F O I L // R O C K E R

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Rounded-pin thruster set up that has been getting me through some sloppy surf up in San Francisco recently. Wide point pushed forward with a slight hull entry into a classic single to double concave to add performance and hold. I shape this board in a thruster, a twin fin, a quad, or a two plus one. Sizes range from 5’8 to 6’6 for more of a step up. If you want some extra pivot and release we can work in a single or double bump in the tail. I’ve comfortably surfed this pictured board in surf waist high to 3 to 4 feet overhead. Shoot me an email and we can work out your next board!

Updating Base Models

1.) Mini Simmons 5’2 to 5’6
2.) Twin Keel Fish 5’4 to 6’0
3.) Double Bump Fish (still a twin fin… I don’t like quad fishes) 5’6 to 6’0
4.) Double Bump Pin (quad or thruster) 5’10 to 6’6
       This shape can also ditch the double bump and just use a rounded pin tail
5.) Double Bump Single Fin 7’4 to 8’0 (similar to rounded pin, with harder/tighter turning radius)
6.) Rounded Pin Single Fin 7’2 to 7’6 (all arounder)
7.) Mini Glider 7’6 to 8’0 (mellow long waves up to head high)
8.) Modern Pipeliner 7’4 to 8’0 (for serious hollow waves)
All sleds are hand shaped start to finish. This computer program is a nice way to visualize the outline, however, a board cannot truly be custom and hand crafted if put through a CNC machine.

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Yes Thrusters Work

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You’re seeing the tail end of one of my original thrusters that opened my mind to the benefits of the design. Single to double concave through the fins with one tweak, the foil. I push more foam up front to allow for easier paddling and a solid platform for front-footed surfers such as myself. This design works well as a quad or 2+1 for all types of surfers out there. The rounded pin allows for some real nice cut backs and will smooth out your surfing while still providing a pivot point for all of those ripper shredders.

Blood and Bolts


Ben from Blood and Bolts repping a 6’8 single fin I shaped not too long ago. Wide point forward, flat to vee out the tail, and toss in some nice down rails. It’s always awesome to see other people stoked off my work!

Check Ben’s work out here >>> http://blood-bolts.com

Photo Credit goes to Monica Semergiu >>> http://www.monicasemergiu.com